About Open EQMS

Welcome to Open EQMS, your premier open-source solution for comprehensive enterprise quality management. Our platform is designed to meet the diverse and rigorous quality standards of various industries, ensuring your organization achieves excellence in product and process quality.

Our Mission

At Open EQMS, our mission is to provide a flexible, transparent, and collaborative environment for managing quality processes. We aim to support businesses in implementing robust quality management practices that drive efficiency, compliance, and continuous improvement.

What We Offer

Open EQMS includes a complete suite of tools to help you manage the entire lifecycle of your projects, from planning and scheduling to verification and validation. Our platform supports detailed project planning, comprehensive risk analysis, design verification, process flow diagrams, and control plans. Additionally, we offer mechanisms for continuous improvement to ensure your projects meet the highest quality standards.

Our PPAP module ensures that your suppliers meet all necessary quality standards. Key features include standardized design records, detailed process flow diagrams, stringent control plans, measurement system analysis, thorough dimensional results, material performance testing, and comprehensive part submission warrants.

The QMS framework in Open EQMS helps you maintain quality across your entire organization. Core components include clear quality policy and objectives, efficient document and records management, regular internal audits, management reviews, effective corrective and preventive actions, supplier quality management processes, and customer satisfaction feedback collection.

Beyond our core offerings, Open EQMS provides additional tools and applications, such as statistical process control, measurement system analysis, calibration management, environmental health and safety management, and training and competency management.

Why Choose Open EQMS?

Open EQMS is open-source, providing you with the flexibility to customize the platform according to your specific needs. Our collaborative approach allows for continuous improvement and adaptation to the latest industry standards. Our platform integrates various quality management tools into one cohesive system, making it easier to manage and monitor all aspects of quality across your organization.

Join a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to achieving excellence in quality management. Our support resources and community forums provide a wealth of knowledge and assistance.

Get Started

Discover how Open EQMS can transform your quality management processes. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help your organization achieve its quality objectives.